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I used to be in love with Spock and Kirk. But after a while of writing stories about me and Kirk or me and Spock, i started feeling bad, andi couldent figure out why. Then I realised. It was selfish of me to imagine one or the other for my own. Neither of them would be TRULY happy without the other. So in stead of being in love with Kirk and being in love with Spock... I fell in love with Kirk & Spock.


I write many types of stories, and I will attempt requests, but please be patient; I am a slow writer.

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Asleep on the Bridge by Miribeth Rated: All Audiences starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 7]

Kirk falls asleep on the bridge, Spock gets some accidental touch telepathy. It's short. Open it in a new tab. Cmon.

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[Report This] Published: 07/20/2015 Updated: 07/20/2015

Kirk loves Spock, but wouldnt admit it to himself. Spock has always loved Kirk. They have a drunken night together, and are confused with their mutual attractions before Kirk's check up, where McCoy finds something... fascinating. Spock gets scared off, but still loves Kirk. Kirk is terrefied of whats happenning, and still not fully to terms that he loves Spock. Can they convince themselves they were ment for each other? Can they last through this? What will starfleet think? Will the green tunic wrap still be as sexy on a growing Kirk???MPREG warning :)



Okay everyone, I am looking for a co-writer/editor to help me out; see last chapter for details<3


**Celebrating ten thousand reads! Thank you all so much!**

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