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So..Kinda' a long prompt but I want a fic where Jim is only half human. The other half of him is some type of animal/alien creature. This could be from illegal genetc re-engineering, alien technology (like the fiasco with Janice Lester), etc. But they are unable to fully reverse it, maybe it occured when he was a child away from Earth for the first time(Tarsus IV)? Anyway...Jim goes into heat and Spock as one of the few non-humans onboard is effected by the pheromones Jim is producing. Spock chases him all over the ship before eventually catching and breeding him. Eventually they both get their rational minds back and want to ignore the whole embarissing episode, but find that difficult to do when Jim starts having some very strong "nesting" behaviors. Maybe he starts building a nest with stolen clothing, blankets, etc. in a jeffries tube.

Mating Heat
Nesting Behavior


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