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Writing has been a passion for me since I was young enough to sit in front of the computer and Roleplay on Neopets. It's rather funny seeing as I didn't really start to read until 4th grade, but after some adventures with Hank the Cow Dog, I've been addicted to the written word. The Complete Works of Shakespeare is my bible. Nothing makes me happier than finding all the little plays on words he has. This heavily influences my own style of writing, and I want nothing more than to make people think while they are reading.

Due to my serious lack of sufficient funds, I am unable to complete my college experience. In a desperate bid to reach out to other academics, I submit these works in the hopes that there are those here that would be willing to give me advice on how to better myself and my art. If there are any times when you've been taken aback by something I've done, let me know so I can continue to use that technique. If there are some moments where I've lost you completely and you've no idea where I'm trying to go with it, I'd be so happy to hear it that I'll probably take that moment right then to edit the story.

I realize that I sound desperate and unappealing, but it is better to ask for help then flounder and never receive it at all.

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Stories by Hey Nonny Mouse

After saving the life of a Priestess on a new world, Kirk and Spock are gifted with a bond that they were neither expecting or even aware was a possibility. Together, they must deal with this new intimacy, built upon a foundation of reluctant and tentative camaraderie.

Kirk struggles to find his place in Spock’s life, while Spock comes to terms with exactly what that position is.

More chaos ensues as they continue on their 5 year mission, as is want to do. Kirk and Spock must put aside their concerns in the face of their duty to the Enterprise.

With a hasty return to the new Vulcan home world, their relationship meets it’s defining moment.

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