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I've been reading fan fiction foryears and happened across the kirk spock relationship almost completely by accident; yet i can't seem to get enough.

I have never seen the original series or any of the original movies until the 2009 abrams reeboot. I loved the movie and I love the stories written about their relationship but thats all I really have to go On on the characters.

I write original novels far better than I write fan fiction if only because I tend to write characters as I see them or to fit a particular purpose even if they are OOC or different from other peoples perception on their character. I write and read fan fiction because I enjoy it, it is completely for fun and I hope no one is too offended when and if I ever post an attempt at a story on this site.

I love feedback especially if it is constructive criticism. Bashing and glorifying reviews dont really help anyone involved, although the glorifying ones are nice to read sometimes (ha ha). So I guess enjoy, or be wary of my sstories whatever you so shall choose.

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Take Me or Leave Me by nioshireami Rated: All Audiences [Reviews - 2]

The Scene Take Me or Leave Me from RENT but with a twist. Kirk is Maureen and Spock is JoAnne. not a girl!Kirk or girl!Spock fic.

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[Report This] Published: 01/23/2011 Updated: 01/23/2011