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Hey! My name is Amanda and I am a total Star Trek TOS all the way!! I just love Star Trek so much. It's the only show that gives me such a warm feeling in my heart and I'm thankful that me, being young and in a generation where stuff like Star Trek isn't 'in,' can experience the wonderful creation of Star Trek, created by the wonderful Gene Rodenberry. My favorite character is Mr. Spock. I know, isn't almost everybody's? But I really do love him. He inspires me to try and keep in my emotions sometimes for I am a very temperamental girl. He also inspires me to try my hardest in all my duties and succeed as well. I love him so much and he totally brings out my fangirl side, but also my logical side as well. Other than the character, the actor is even greater! Leonard Nimoy is even more inspiring, being a director, photographer, actor, writer, all this in his lifetime! Amazing! He's a very intellectual and mildly funny man. I love Mr. William Shatner as well- very, very entertaining.

Anyways, other than loving Star Trek, Kirk/Spock is probably my FAVORITE slash couple ever! They are so fitting and seriously, it makes sense;) Anyways, I hope to write a lot of K/S fanfiction and read a lot as well. But I am quite busy so I might not be able to write a lot, but I'll try! :)

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Baby On Board by AmandaLN Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 2]

Not only are Kirk and Spock struggling with their romantic feelings for each other but now, there is a baby aboard the Enterprise that they, along with the good doctor McCoy, but look after. Will this baby cause more trouble between the pair or bring them closer together?

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Universe: Abrams Universe
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