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Whither Fled Ilaam? by caribdis Rated: All Audiences [Reviews - 0]

"Elas is a harsh and lonely place. A planet of ice and snow. Not at all like the ponderous heat of Vulcan."

She raises her weapon, makes to stab Spock in the back. Without any sign of upset, Spock swiftly catches Ilaam by the wrist and holds fast.

Her smile turns into a grimace. She wrenches her arm away and stashes the weapon.

"I did not think you would understand. But take heart. You are not so easily influenced as your Captain."
The Enterprise crew is tasked with ferrying a high-ranking noble from her remote dominion to her betrothed's home planet. Tempestuous and bitter, Ilaam will do anything to squash her upcoming marriage and return home.

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Universe: ST:TOS Original Universe
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