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I've been writing fanfiction since late February of 2011, and got my start in that in the Harry Potter universe. I have been a Trek fan most of my life, but hesitated for a long time in writing in the fandom because there is SO MUCH STUFF to know and deal with, and Trekkies can get a bit ... fierce. Then I watched Star Trek 2009 and well ... that was the end of THAT. I don't *think* I'll ever write more than the one Trek story, but then again I didn't think I'd write more than one Harry Potter story either.

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Harnessing Starfire by Sherza Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 15]

The Enterprise has a crew unlike any other. They are the best and brightest that Starfleet has to offer, the vast majority of them are painfully young, and they are largely untried. They are led by the most unpredictable and explosive duo that has ever graced Starfleet Command.

Alpha and Beta Quadrants are reeling under the after-effects of Nero's second rampage. The Klingon Empire's fleet has been gutted. The Romulans are ominously silent. The shattered remnants of the Vulcans are desperately trying to save their culture and their people.

All eyes are on the Enterprise, the boatload of children who succeeded where an entire armada failed. Depending on who you talk to, they are heroes, villains, or ignorant, blindingly lucky upstarts. After their rather explosive beginning, how will the Enterprise and her command crew fare?

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