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Beverly Sutherland, who passed away in 2014, was a Star Trek gen and slash author active in the 1980s.  Her most famous work is the K/S novel "Broken Images".  Before she passed away she gave her permission for her work to be posted online.


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Broken Images by Beverly Sutherland Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 40]

One a mission to Halka, on the theory that “lightning doesn’t strike twice” Kirk beams up in another ion storm – and finds himself in a peaceful alternate universe, one ruled by Vulcans. But he is not captain of the Enterprise, he's the first officer. Trapped in this world, Kirk goes on a mission with the rest of the crew and is severely injured. To save his life, Spock mind-melds with him, an action with far more consequences than Spock imagined. In his pain for his missing bond-mate, Jamie, Spock has bonded with Kirk. And if the bond is not sealed during Spock's pon-farr, a time rapidly approaching, the Vulcan captain will die.


Originally published in 1983 in print fanzine format by The Jumping Dik-bat Press as a special presentation of “Nome”. 


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Universe: AU Alternate Universe
Warnings: Non-consensual sex
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