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I'm not very good at writing these things without rambling but I'll try to do this without going off on some tangent about some other fandom. Although it'd probably be Star Trek related, it probably wouldn't be very relevant to whatever this is. An author bio. A thing. Some words. 

On (Hopefully that shows up, anyway)

I'm not sure KS is my main Star Trek ship because it's competing with Kirk/Pike and Bones/Spock, but anything Spirk-related I'll post here from now on instead of on or another site, because why not and I'm really starting to like this site after reading fics on here for a few days... 

Reviews appreciated because I spent the last year or so writing on and off and as of late I'm trying to get back into it and become better at writing (so, logically, I'm just writing fanfiction for the most part, ha). Any advice is really great~

I'm not sure what else to say except sorry I said nothing biographical in the bio. Maybe it's not too late to fix that. I'm a chick with crappy taste in music (according to my family) and too short hair (according to my nana) and pretty good skills in everything but anything to do with gym class running talking to people expressing my feelings talking in general doing calculus and such thing (according to myself, I guess).

I also ship Destiel, Stony, Stucky, Ironman/Spiderman and a whole bunch of other crap. But it's good crap, it really is!

That can just be everything until I rewrite this)

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Gaila and Spock have a conversation about the rules of attraction over ramen, Spock does an uncharacteristically illogical thing that feels odd but right, Kirk questions his feelings for his first officer and has a conversation with the Vulcan's elder self, Spock Prime admits a few exceptions to his and Kirk's platonic relationship. Spock's late for his shift, Kirk's out of it. And he can't figure out which is more effective in dealing with it all- science, or emotion?

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