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I regret nothing, deny everything, and will die trying.

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String Theory by jad Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 20]

Spending time with James T. Kirk is very similar, Spock imagines, to entering the event horizon of a black hole: as a casual observer, you are unaware you have been caught in its gravitational pull until it is too late to do anything about it. [pre-STXI canon-divergence, Academy era]

Categories: Works in Progress
Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Sarek, T'Pring, Uhura
Crossover Fandom: None
Genres: K/S plus K/other or S/other, Kirk-Spock Friendship, Kirk/Spock Pre-Slash, Kirk/Spock Slash
Other Languages: None
Specific movie: None
Story Type: Action/Plot, Angst, Character Study, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Trope (OPTIONAL): None
Universe: Abrams Universe
Warnings: Caveat lector/Choose Not to Warn
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 34372 Read Count: 8129
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