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hey, i'm alex! i write (obviously), but i'm super slow at it, so don't be surprised if some fics seem abandoned! unless i say otherwise, it's still being worked on!

i'm probably going to add more to this later, but right now i'm too lazy, oops.

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Obsfucation of the Problematique by spookyspock Rated: Mature Content (Teen) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]

Starbase Six. Nothing seemed amiss until just a few months ago. So, the USS Mariana was sent out to investigate. When no word is heard from the Mariana, the USS Enterprise is sent after her.

It's been months since Khan, and all of the commotion has finally died down, for the most part. There's less fussing over their captain, at least. When he, Spock, and a landing party beam down to the starbase to find it completely deserted (save for one man lying alone in sickbay), suspicions are raised.

The mission is further complicated by dormant feelings finding themselves seeing the morning light between Kirk and Spock. With neither of them ready, or willing, to admit how they feel, it creates a rift between them. With an entire starbase's, plus starship's, crew missing with next to no clues left behind, this definitely adds to the problem.

If you thought things couldn't get more grim, some crew members on the Enterprise seem to be acting strangely ever since beam up from Starbase Six...

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