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Hello! Fanficiton reader since forver, fanficiton author since March. Or May. Or something. Enjoy! Also, if you would like to become my beta, I would be most greatful! So if you're interested, email me, or something. 


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"I am Lieutenant Commander Spock, First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. You are...our Captain, James T. Kirk."

Jim snorted. "Captain my ass. Good one, though, 'Commander Spock'. Now can you tell me what I did to piss Starfleet off this badly?"

Spock's expression fell, almost like someone had kicked his favorite puppy. Weird reaction for a Vulcan, isn't it? What's up with this guy?

"You do not remember."

Post STID AU in which Jim doesn't remember Spock, the crew, or the Enterprise when he wakes up. A journey through space to boldy find what has been this case, James T. Kirk's memory. Rated teen for now, but slash will happen. Mwahaha.

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