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Hey everyone! I'm Hopeless, but you can call me Hope. I'm an Italian girl, but I speak both English and Spanish quite fluently (well, my English is way better... ;3). I started loving Star Trek watching the new movie, Into Darkness. I immediately felt that Kirk and Spock would have made a fantastic couple... And, even if my boyfriend didn't help, laughing and saying that I'm the classic and hopeless fangirl (which, actually, I AM), I started reading about this amazing couple. Since I love writing, I think that I'll write something about this soon. I'm also in search for a beta reader, since I'm new to this fandom (I've seen only one movie, forgive me! T______T) and I'd like someone to watch over my future fanfiction. I'm also a beta reader, since I'm a grammar nazi and I'd like to help someone u.u 

Okay, long presentation, isn't it?... And now, all I can say is... Live long and prosper!



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