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Hi! I am Ava, self-admitted nut-case, a writer-to-be-in-the-future, and artist. I am from *South-West Virginia*. Yeah, I'm THAT country.

I am a PROUD bisexual. (If your under the impression that bisexuals are into everybody, you are wrong and probably not my type anyway :P)

And McCoy Kirk and Spock where all my role models as a child (I am 19 currently), and it was not to long ago that I watched Miri and SAW that long moment and thought to myself "...Holy sh**. Are...are they FLIRTING????"

I quickly found "The Ship's Closet" (Never ending thanks to the Captain!) and other such things, and although slightly skeptical at first I QUICKLY realized just how cannon these guys are. And I mean like SERIOUSLY... my gawd! :o *fangirl gawk at 'Amok Time'* (Tell me how I DIDN'T FREAKIN' SEE *THAT*! Seriously! :O They bitch-slap you with gay! Mm! Not that I'm complaining... X3)

Anyway, I am working on a book right now, and am going to use K/S as a break from writing my book, and to exercise my slash muscles and (yes your about to read right) fem-slash muscles. How on a K/S website? Turn them both into girls! :3

Yes, I will be writing BOTH girl!K/S and TOS!K/S and XI-Universe!K/S. It quite honestly depends on what mood I'm in. :)

For whatever reason, I don't usually like fics where one of them is made female and it is turned into a hetero relationship. I dunno, just not my taste-no offence intended! :-)

I will try to keep the characters as in-person as possible, but I'm not boasting, I am in my own opinion always going to be in great need of improvement.                         If you want to help me improve by telling me my grammar is wrong, or I misspelled something, or I didn't describe *this particular bit RIGHT THERE!* enough...


I might just be a masochist, but there you go! :3

I LOVE-LOVE-EXTRA SUPER LOVE-Kirk/Spock! I know, I just sqee-ed everywhere and ruined your carpet, sorry, but it has become the only obsession able to curb my obsession for my book, which gives me a writers break! (That is, a writers break in order to write and research something ELSE...)

Things you will probably NOT find in my stories:

1. Uhura bashing. She was awesome on ice, untill the XI movie decided to make her go OOC and drool all over Spocks smexy-boots because they were desperatly trying to make up for his lack of girl-banging in TOS, and because he needed a hug and Jimmy didn't like him yet. :(

2. Whimpy Girls. I am a feminist people. Girls in MY stories- the ones worth reading, won't be damsels-in-distress relying on guys and weeping over everything.

3. Tragic endings. I don't LIKE Romeo and Juliet both die endings. They make me sad and put me off my tea.

4. One-sided love. Mmm, I just don't have the heart for poor 'Pockie or Jimmy to be pining after eachother and one of them being like. "O.O' omgwtfbbq- no effn wai biotch!"

5. Whole chapters of angst. I put so much angst in my book there really isn't much LEFT for my side projects, so in the angstiest of my chapters, expect some fluff to be there SOMEWHERE.

6. All these fangirly sqeals and smiley faces. No, I try and write properly when I am actually writing, all this stuff is staying on my profile, including the capitalizing where the italics should be. Or, capitalizing for emphasis in general. They will only be in all capitals when they are yelling *REALLY* loud.

What you may find in one or more of my stories at LEAST:

1. Absolutely INSANE amounts of fluff. I love fluff.

2. Rand bashing. She was one of the soppiest and weakest women in all of Star Trek TOS. If she makes it to my stories, you can bet your ass she's gonna be glared at for having no back-bone! >:( (C'mon Rand! You couldn't push that guy outta your own damn way in 'Naked Time'?! You HAD to go all "Spo-k.. he won't get outta my waaaaay!" You are an adult for christ's sake!)

3. Happy endings. X3 'Cause I am such a sap.

4. Vulcan finger-kissing. Because that is the best invention since SEX. No, not kidding it feels good in real life! Try it with your boy or girl and see what I mean. Make sure you just lightly brush your fingers and see what I mean! *shiver*

5. McCoy. I like McCoy. Someone has to be around to tell Kirk and Spock "Yeah... I see what you did there..." and of 'course, "IN A PIGS EYE! >:D"

6. Mistakes. Yeah, I'm an idiot and I make them often. Please tell me when you notice them! (Just because I make them, doesn't mean I don't want to fix them :) )

7. Bizzare twists of cannon-logic. I LIKE to stick to cannon, but I LOVE to put my own lil' twist on things, and if it fails miserably and burns your eyes out, lemme know~

8. Alice in Wonderland refrences, I might just give up and do an entire fic with them where they get sent to Wonderland, because it and it's sequal are both two of my favorite books. (And by god do I love that Johnny Depp movie! Go Cheshire Cat! X3)

9. Shakesphere refrences. Because what is Star Trek without those? :o Gawd on a sandwich this innapropriatly long! ...('.')"....

...*insert inappropriate joke here* ;)

Hahaha! XD In all seriouse-ness, enjoy my stories, if not, I apologize for wasting your time ladies and gents'. :)

*Cheshire-Cat Grin* :3

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