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I am a teacher from Australia and I am currently living in South Korea and studying for my MA in TESOL.

I am a huge fan of reading fanfiction. Actually, I am a little obsessed with it and now I am obsessed with writing it.

I have had a lot of fandoms and pairing, but I am addicted to  Kirk/Spock (from any universe). They are seriously like crack to me.

I always refused to become a slasher (Harry Potter was filled with it but I wasnt into it AT ALL), but then I read a Kirk/Spock fic and the chemistry was hust to hard to ignore). I think it has to do with the fact that it is pretty much canon (my slightly homophobic mother even agrees that Kirk and Spock are meant to be together and that is saying somthing.)

As a reader of fanfiction, I know how anoying it is when you get into a story and then the author just stops updating. *cough* Home *cough*

I can promise you this, I am too OCD to just leave a story unfinished. Even if I am in a coma, I will find a way to update. Also fanfiction seems to be more important than most things in my life, so you wont have to wait long for update. Let's just hope I dont get writers block *knock on wood*

Also, I am looking for a Beta reader, so if you are interested, drop me a line.

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Series by biddygirl

This series will be a trilogy.


Spock and Kirk meet at the Academy and sparks fly. This series follws them through their getting together, the events of the movie (slightly twisted) and eventually starting a family.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I will start writing the third installment (called 'That'll teach you') in September... hopefully

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