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So I'm 26, I live in Norway, study literature at the University of Oslo, and am relatively new to Star Trek fanfiction. I'm actually relatively new to slash fiction too. Been semi-active a couple of years now.

I'm not new to fanfiction, however, which I've been writing/reading/editing (beta-reading) since 2004/2005. I think it's an absolutely wonderful concept. However, though I've been active in the community for a long time, I have this problem where I get a million different ideas, usually in quick succession, which means I start many different projects, and never finish any of them (unless we're talking poetry - that I manage to finish).

But! Lo and behold! I've grabbed myself by the short hairs (ouch) and forced myself to stick to one project, and it's actually going very well.

Finding Trinity is the fic I'm currently spending all my fanfiction-related energy on, and I have very high hopes for it. Ten chapters are ready (well, their first drafts are ready - they still need plenty of editing), and there are more to come. I really hope the story will interest some of you.

As all writers do, I appreciate reviews. Any review is welcome. Even if you hate my story, let me know! But I would like it if you told me, not just that it's awful, but why you think it's awful. Constructive criticism, people! It's a wonderful thing.

Anyway, back to Finding Trinity. The first ten chapters will be posted starting Friday, May 6, and I will post one chapter a week for ten weeks, after which I will take a summer break. The next ten chapters will then be posted in August/September, and then whatever is left of the story. I'm not entirely sure how long it's going to be, but I'm guessing 30 chapters, or maybe longer.

So that's enough about that for one sitting. If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact me! Any and all enquiries will be answered.

31.05.14:am still planning on finishing Finding Trinity, guys. I'm sorry for the ridiculous wait. Really. So sorry. I owe you all a large drink or something. Or a hug. Or chocolate. Either way, expect new stuff from me soon.

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