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I've been reading fanfic for a long time, but I didn't write much of it before I found this fandom. You can't be in any fandom for very long without learning that Kirk and Spock started slash, but it wasn't until I saw the new film that my knowledge extended much beyond "Spock's the one with the pointy ears". So I read about the reboot versions, and then I watched the original series and movies and marvelled at how the stuff that in any other fandom would be made up by the fic writers is actually canon. (Pon farr, telepathic bonds, the word t'hy'la...) It's not hard to see why they were the first slash pairing.

I write both TOS and Reboot, but mostly prefer TOS. All my stuff is on livejournal, and most of it's on as well.

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Series by lah_mrh

Fics set in an alternate version of TOS where Kirk and Spock are both female.

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