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Playlist for Finding Spock, Part 1

1. Amanda’s Lament: Smaointe by Enya
2. Yearning for past- Sarek: The First Year by Tajdar Junaid
3. Spock’s dreams: Celtic Violin - Down by the Sally Gardens - Strings, Harp and Tin Whistle
4. A Father’s wishes- Sarek and Spock: The Seal Lullaby by Eric Whitacre
5. Amanda’s faith: Cantique De Jean Racine by Faure
6. The plight of T’Pring: I am not yours by Z. Randall Stroope
7. Gurokh and Ishok- Parallel Lines: Sonbahar by Yansimalar
8. Ishok’s torment: My Immortal instrumental cover by Lindsey Stirling
9. Spock’s heart: Moonlight by Yiruma
10. Amanda’s lullaby: You are Mine by David Haas
11. Sarek’s love: River flows in you by Yiruma
12. Spock’s Destiny: Aldebaran by Enya
13. The forgotten- Sarek and Amanda: A Proud Mother, from the Star Trek 2009 OST

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Series by CarminaVulcana

Spock is as Vulcan as they come. Or not. Struggling with isolation, his natural emotions and his need to be a true Vulcan, he somehow builds a life at Starfleet Academy. Follow his life from his childhood to his spiritual homecoming on the Enterprise. See him find his lost self in this story.


This story is basically gen with eventual Kirk/Spock friendship which can be interpreted as pre-slash. But that is not the intent with which I am writing. They will share a bond unlike any other as you will see in the story even though this is not slash. 


I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters. The OCs are all mine, though. 


Feel free to comment and engage with the work. I'd love to hear from you about what you think of the story. Enjoy !


Follow my blog for other creative work: I also have a Tumblr now. My username is CarminaVulcana.

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