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Lessons in Humanity by Cyberrat Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 313]

It is hard to understand humans. They are disturbingly flighty creatures, prone to outbursts of extreme emotion and making illogical decisions. In the sober light of the ship of the Enterprise, Spock knew he originally had not been supposed to find those creatures so fascinating. However, he also knew that he had never been supposed to be stuffed full of cold electronics and blinking, artificial lamps. It was very hard to remain detached and professional when confronted with those delightfully lighthearted and diligent creatures. Or maybe his straying thoughts were a product of his increasing fascination with the charismatic - and utterly befuddling - Captain of the vessel.

Life certainly never got boring on board the ship - that was a given fact.

Especially not when one vicious, vermin-like alien kept appearing on their radar, leading them on a bloody chase through the galaxy; playing with them like they were nothing more than his puppets.

Which, in all honesty... they probably were.


AU with cyborg!Spock and Captain!Engineer!Kirk.

Very angsty; deep character study; eroticism (occasional dalliance into Dom/sub and BDSM); Badassery by the BAMF crew of the Enterprise

Categories: Works in Progress
Characters: Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Uhura
Crossover Fandom: None
Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash
Other Languages: None
Specific movie: None
Story Type: Action/Plot, Angst, Character Study, Erotica, First Time, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Trope (OPTIONAL): Hurt Kirk, Hurt Spock
Universe: AU Alternate Universe, ST:TOS Original Universe
Warnings: Abuse, Bondage, Dominance/submission, Explicit violence
Series: None
Chapters: 43 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 177165 Read Count: 58436
[Report This] Published: 05/31/2013 Updated: 01/25/2014
Reviewer: readergirl99 Signed
Date: 05/13/2020 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1


This work was reccomended to me a few days ago and I sat and read it without stopping until the story cut off- and I was devestated to find it incomplete, but wowed by what I'd read. I moved on and read all of your other works on your profile, but kept on coming back to this one. I won't go into boring details- but this story meant a lot to me. So, even though this seems to be an orphaned account- It wouldn't feel right to not at least try and reach out to thank you. I actually made an account on this site just to do so. So, thank you. I loved this work, I'm so sad it wasn't completed, and I hope you're doing well. Your writing is fantastic, and the worlds you create are (sci-fi/science pun ahead) out-of-this-world. Thank you.