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Hair hair everyone!

I was referred here by a wonderful Author on FF.Net and so I am here.

I would love to get to know you guys as friends. I'm pretty much an open book...except with my name lol. But other than that, you can talk to me and ask me about anything.

I haven't posted anything yet, but I will get around to it soon. Just so you know, I tend to write mature and darker content. Not because I'm emo or anything. Its because I like to push the envelope and see how far I go. Keep in mind, my intentions are to never offend anyone. You know what they say, people with the biggest sense of humors usually have the darkest personalities. :-) 

I am a writer and (and an up and coming Futurist) in real life so if I don't update, etc. often, its because I'm working or going to meetings/conventions/etc. I am a Beta Reader and usually help out with that quicker than I write , so if anybody needs a BR, let know. :-) 

I do make mistakes cuz I'm human (though I would love to be Vulcan....or Orion) so if you see any, I apologize. :-) I am a bit busy but hopefully I can devote some time to my story(ies) so that the would be half-way decent. lol

Beta-reader: Yes
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