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♥ I ♥ Star Trek.

♥ I've been watching since Voyager was on first run episodes. Yes, that makes me kind of a newbie when compared to the TOS fans, but considering I became addicted as a middle schooler, I don't think I'm doing too bad. Voyager and Enterprise own my heart, but Star Trek Reboot owns my soul. I don't like TOS (the plots are awesome, but I just don't get the acting...) and haven't watched TNG or DS9 yet. I know, I fail at life.

♥ I'm not new to fanfiction or the idea of fandom, but I'm just getting into the Star Trek fandom. I don't write a lot of short fics. I prefer to write a few long fics. Quality over quantity, I hope!

♥ I'm a senior in college. That's about the only interesting thing about me. I'm kinda dull. lol! If you wanna know anything else, just ask!

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