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I am relatively new to this fandom, but not to slash. I really, really, really love TOS and the movies that followed, and the reboot is awesome too but I'm not into reading fic from that universe. I spend my days jumping over the boxes instead of going around them, and I wish very badly that I was actually James T Kirk. Aside from space and Starfleet Captains, I'm a big fan of punk and hardcore music, horses, horror movies, My Little Pony, and hula hooping.

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Spice by eimeo Rated: ADULT (NC-17) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 347]

It’s a question of biology. Vulcan biology.

The problem with falling in love with a member of an insanely private species is that it just might take you the best part of a five year mission to work out that the feelings are requited. And then you might discover that he’s already decided that the two of you can never be together.

And what are you supposed to do if he won’t tell you why?


Written as a response to T'Lara’s ingenious challenge, which is noted when it shows up in-text. Huge thanks to my fantastic betas Frodolass, penguin_attie and miloowen for being, well, fantastic. Any mistakes that remain are all mine.

If you'd like to download a PDF copy of the full novel (minus the author notes but including the translations from Vulcan), click here.

Also, the talented veta_black has created a fanmix for the fic, which you can access here.

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[Report This] Published: 10/31/2011 Updated: 11/13/2014
Comments: This story is the best canon through the ages fic I've ever read. The characterization is phenomenal.