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I absolutely love writing, and reading other's well-written works. (I also absolutely adore alliterarion.) Although I have not seen all of the Star Trek episodes, it remains one of my most favorite fandoms (along with harry Potter and the Avengers.) 

Although I have many story ideas, it is unlikely that they will be posted. I have 2 first cvhapters for two different stories, and it is unkonwn to me whether or not I shall continue and upoad them. However, encouragement or a friendly word goes a long way to forcing my (procrastinating and lazy) muse into working.

I absolutely love time travel, and I absolutely hate abandonment. I think Jim/Spock was cannon, but they couldn't be blunt or else their show would have been shouted off the screens. Fortunately for me, everybody in my family enjoys Star Trek. mother has reasons from her past to shy away from any homosexual pairings, so I cannot share this with her. *Sigh...she is a good editor for everything else.*

College life is still new to me, but I should be hopefully maturing more throughout my years. Unfortunately for me, it is difficult for my mind to register other humans as 'hot,' (but I can abstractly recognize them as asthetically pleasing) so I am uninterested in any pleasures of the flesh or romantic relationships  (and any of the former would be confined within the latter). Thankfully I am still able to enjoy erotic fiction, in which this site (and fanfiction dot net; I am located their under the same penname) assists.

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Favorite Series

Sometimes falling in love can be more complicated than saving the world.


What would happen if Jim and Spock met and began a relationship almost eight months prior to Nero's attack on Vulcan? This is a series of stories prompted by songs that will explore the butterfly effect in this particular situation.



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Story Type: Angst, Character Study, First Time, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
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