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I'm just a girl with too much imagination. I dream up a lot but I hardly ever write it down.

Here are the exceptions. Hope you enjoy!


How did I get into this fandom?

I've watched TOS and liked it as a kid, but how they maimed the German version, it's just a crime. You wouldn't believe what they did to Amok Time.

Only in 2004 the worst mistakes were eliminated and we got the episodes uncut... There were reruns, and all of a sudden, the stories made sense!... well... kind of. We're talking about the 60ies after all! I watched them all again, comparing them to the original English version and got really drawn in.

Then there was the new movie and I was lost.

I still love both, TOS and ST XI, but for fanfiction I prefer ST XI because I can't get enough of 'new' Spock. Zach Quinto is made of awesome, isn't he?

Actually in TOS my favorite character is Bones (BAMF-Bones!) while in ST XI it's definitely Spock!

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