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I am new to Star Trek, as in I got into it at the beginning of this year and I am so completely obsessed with Star Trek TOS. I have to say I got into it because of the reboot, then went back and watched all the TOS episodes and the movies; I had seen Cat's Paw a long long time ago when they were still airing reruns on TV Land but I never really felt the urge to go and watch the other episodes though it was always there in the back of my mind since it kept popping up everywhere!

When I say everywhere I mean in my "Aunt's" house who had all kinds of plates and statues that were Star Trek related. My mother is a Trekkie and apparently so was my grandmother who would watch the reruns of the show in the 70's. Then there were a bunch of documentaries on tv that we watched saying how Star Trek had changed tv forever and also the real world. I became "fascinated" and borrowed the reboot from the library and that as they say is history.

I have to say that, though I love the reboot, I do not like the pairing of Spock/Uhura even though at first I did. After seeing maybe five episodes of the show I was like, "Where did that even come from? Kirk and Spock are so obviously a couple!" So of course I went in search of fanfic that paired these two and I was rewarded vastly by many talented people.

I love to write creatively so it was only a matter of time before I ended up writing my own stories regarding this couple which is so heavily cemented in canon I really do not understand why so many people argue it is not canon. Oh well.

I think I've rambled enough and if you read this far you're very dedicated and I thank you. I hope you enjoy the stories I post on here though they may be few and far between due to the fact I am a college student and most of my time is being eaten up by homework and studying. But if I see that people really enjoy my work it will keep me motivated to try and write whenever possible.

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