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I’ve been addicted to slash for a couple of years now, and it has become one of the central points of my life. My two favourite fandoms are Harry Potter (with many different OTP’s) and Star Trek TOS (and I’ve grown to like XI: JJ Abrams as well), with K/S being THE only OTP for me (although I won’t say no to a few McCoy threesomes occasionally), since it is the world’s original slash pairing. Just to prove how deep my ‘addiction’ runs ~ not only do I find it strange when guys aren’t gay, but my mobile phone recently blew up (literally) from overheating, due to me reading slash for over 50 hours a week on it! (I’ve currently been without slash for 2 days, and to give into my cravings I decided to finally take the plunge, sign up and write something!)   Now that all the important stuff’s over with: I am (currently inhabiting the body of) a brown-haired, green/blue eyed girl from South Africa. I love chocolate and laughing over taboos with my best friends. I’m into Practical Philosophy, biology (*wink* and shall be studying it next year) and bettering the world.   Revealing Incidents: My first boyfriend / holiday romance and I exchanged underwear with sentimentality in mind. I went out and bought a gorgeous turquoise and black lace set. We had agreed to switch bottoms, and so, I bought not only the set but another matching bottom ~ why break the set after only a week or so! (*Evil smirk*). Then this weekend I was introduced to a friend’s new boyfriend, and out of courtesy invited him to my Star Trek XI sleepover (which sounds like the nerdiest thing ever), when Ja (GBF) explained to him that in was all part of my sexuality, and that I’d in truth invited him to an orgy! And lastly, the fact that I just revealed all of this to the authors that I admire the most and of course my fellow slashers! * The insight to be taken from this is that I have no limits or inhibitions – none, just me and freedom and slashy goodness! J May you all keep safe, smiling and happy! J x Glynna

PS: I apologise for the length of this and offer my Beta services to anyone who asks! :)


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