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I'm a an illustrator burning with love and colors for Kirk/Spock.

Thank you for reading my stories, please check out my art at the address below :)



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Favorite Series

The Sharing the Sunlight series (STS) is written by Jenna Sinclair.


The series includes:  Sharing the Sunlight (novel), Reflections on a Lunar Landscape, Pursuing Hyacinths, Heart's Delight, Primal Scream, Parallel Courses, Double Trouble, Son of Sarek, Promises to Keep (novel), Jagged Edges, Manna, Journey's End, One Night, In the Shade (novel). 


The series was written from 1991 through 2005.  It follows Kirk and Spock as they become lovers (Sharing the Sunlight) and as they learn to live and love together while also serving Starfleet. The series has action/adventure elements as well as humor, with a healthy dose of angst.


Other K/S stories by Jenna that are not in the series can be found in the K/S Archive under Jenna Hilary Sinclair, her other penname. 


Jenna also writes professionally published gay romance under Jenna Hilary Sinclair.  Find it by going to or

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