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From the UK, I discovered K/S fandom in the late 80s having been a long-time fan of TOS. I wrote a few K/S stories in the early '90s which were published in the zine T'hy'la.  Attending cons in both the UK and US I met many wonderful people, some of whom have become long term friends.

Although I dropped out of fandom in the late '90s, I rediscovered it in 2008 through the K/S archive, and was inspired by the many wonderful stories here to write again.  The release of Star Trek XI provided even more inspiration, and I've had tremendous fun exploring these new facets in the stories I've written in the AOS 'verse!

My K/S stories are all on the K/S Archive, but I've also written some reboot K/Mc and S/Mc fic.  Click here on Archive Of Our Own to link to them.

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