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An amature writer, artist and game developer who is an all out Star Trek Original series fan.  So a lot of my work will be set in that version. I am a complete Spirk/McSpirk fan as well. I have original characters of my own too and hope to develope a fun time on this site. I am known as TheCrafterDragon on Wattpad and HetaliaDragon on deviantArt. 


Well ill that's all for now. Keep an eye out for some of my newest spirk fics and likewise. 


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Favorite Series

This is trilogy that started off as a oneshot answer to Imzadi McSpirk's Words Can Hurt Challenge. I kept getting requests to continue it and so I'm turning it into a trilogy. To know more about the story, please read the summaries for each one. Number three coming soon!

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