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Guess I better write something, huh?

Well, I'm a reader not a writer. I read while eating, walking, travelling, I read instead of sleeping - I've even got a toilet library. At the moment I read mainly slash - since my life is depressingly dull and it amuses me enormously when people around me innocently use words or expressions that conjure up all kinds of not so innocent pictures in my head: "Whipped cream . . . is fine on desserts but much better on Spock" (forever indebted to T'Key'La for this wonderful image). So this goes out to all you fantastic people out there who have the ability, courage and discipline to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard): keep up the good work, you enrich our lives (and save us money, now I only have to buy five books a month instead of ten).

So keep the slash coming and you will all be rewarded with a place on the Enterprise in your next re-incarnation.

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