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English is'nt my native language, so excuse my errors. My answers to the storys are not so exact how I want, and so they are to short for that what I want to say. I apologise. I learned very much english here by reading the storys and have a translator. It makes much fun. I love it.

A big wish from me: I have my problems with word abreviations. It would be very friendly of every author if they wrote on the end of their storys what the short words mean. Sometimes I have no chance to understand. Sometimes I discover. ;-)
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Favorite Authors
1. CMM
I can't say which story i love at most.
I think its "Finding T'hl'ya" - it was also the first story i read form CMM.
2. Cyberrat
Extraordinary Ideas and absolut colorful, descriptions. Headcinema pure.
3. Fugitive
:-) Nice sense of humor. I like it. And good storys.
4. Miss Meh
I only say: Looking for shooting stars... wow. A very intensive story.
5. Vulcan Lover
Always good for a surprise.