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An avid Trek fan from day one in 1966, it continually gratifies me to see how ubiquitous Star Trek and its elements have become in our cultures. And now, with two going on three reboot movies, it is truly the myth that defines our post-modern, space-capable world.

My wishes will be complete the day that TPTB have main characters in a variety of relationships as a normal process, not just the current one man/one woman standard, but varieties embracing the true IDIC meaning. 

Meanwhile, until the cultural norm shifts and catches up to those of us way ahead of them, thanks to all the writers who keep adding bit by bit to the weight of IDIC in our culture with their visions of love--for all.

And most especially for Jim Kirk and Spock 😊

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Favorite Authors
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Culturally Rich, flavorful.

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Well done stories, excellent characterizations

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Depth, complexity and intelligence in the writing. What's not to love?

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Colony War series

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Out of the big black!

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Leave No Soul Behind, fantastic world-building with a whole new vista in the Trek universe. Great writer, very detail oriented, excellent characterizations, complex plots.