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While I appreciate all and any who read my stories and enjoy them, I respectfully ask that you do NOT add my Pamdizzle penname or stories thereunder to any lists on library sites such as Goodreads. 

Fic Recs on Tumblr, Livejournal, Facebook, etc--that's all fine and truly appreciated. That is a different thing entirely, and one that I fully support. The problem with adding me and my stories to Goodreads is that it not only creates a link to my work, but it also sets up an author profile for my fanfiction penname, and I find that both creepy and unsafe.

I share my work in the venues I know it is appreciated--it is for me to decide where that work goes, and while I know this is the internet, it's totally not okay with me to have all kinds of ghost profiles on websites I don't know anything about. So please, don't do this. Save a copy to your Kindle, save the links to your LJ, Tumblr, Facebook document, just please do not put me on your shelf on a library website, like Goodreads. That pulls my work out of fandom and shares it with people whose eyes it was never intended for. That is all. Thank you. 


Hi there! Thanks for taking time to visit my profile here on the K/S Archive. I've been an author for K/S Slash for about two years now, for both AOS and TOS universes. I started reading it in the Spring of 2011, after I followed a link on Keelywolfe's Live Journal to this lovely collection of K/S stories. 

I've made a ton of friends and stumbled into a myriad of opportunities as a result of my involvement in the K/S fandom and all because we all share this common belief in and affinity for the romance that is/was Kirk and Spock. 

If you're interested in reading my original erotica--something new and exciting I'm persuing--then please visit my blog at or Ronnie's facebook page linked below.

You can find a copy of my first original m/m erotica short story here

I've got three more projects in the works and I'm looking forward to seeing them posted there as well.

Feel free to engage with me on facebook

You can also add me as a friend

Just tell me you're from the archive. :) I post links to new fanfiction on there for all the fandoms I write for between here and AO3.

Speaking of, if anyone is looking for the Round Robin collaboration titled Star T'Rex--a crossover between ToS and Jurassic Park, it has been deleted from this archive. Since this is the second time this has happened (it's easy to delete by mistake when you list something with multiple authors, because it shows up once for every person listed on the story in your 'My Stories' tab and all those people have the ability to delete the story), I will not be respoting it here. However, you can find it here on AO3

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