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Actually, I seem to be in some kind of a second puberty... :-) Reading slash stories and sighing like a perfect fool, or almost toppling over with laughter.

I have known Star Trek for about twenty years now, having been introduced to it by a girl friend. What I mean is that I didn't actually grow up with it, like so many people ^^ I still find most of the stories intriguing, and I also am a huge fan of DS9. I also liked the 11th film, the one directed by JJ Adams. (Actually, it ignited my "Star Trek fever" again. ;-)

I heard about the K/S slash practically from the start and at first thought it was a damn silly notion, but after some time - and having read some stories - I must admit that the pairing makes a sense of its own. If I get on with it, I will be publishing some stories of my own in the near future.

English is not my mother language, so I would be very grateful to find one or more beta readers! Before I place something stupid online, because writing in another language is tricky, and you never know...

I will wrote more about myself here later. Thanks for your patience ^^

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