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I am a student, hobbyist writer, and dedicated Trekker, despite the fact that I have seen very few TOS episodes.  I plan to rectify that at the nearest opportunity.  More of a Next Gen fan anyways, but honestly, who can say no to a certain pointy-eared hobgoblin?

My favourite TOS character is Chekov, and my favourite Reboot character is kind of a toss up between Scotty and Spock, with Adorable!Chekov coming in a close second/third.  My favourite Next Gen characters are Data, Q, Hugh.  If you are a Next Gen fan, and don't know who Hugh is, shame on you.  Also, Q is epic.  A whole other continuum's worth of epic.

I have a DevArt account with not much on it - I may cross-post whatever ends up going on here, plus some possible original fic drabbles or something.

Live Long and Prosper


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