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I used to write fanfics, but I stopped about 7 years ago. I have off-and-on extreme fanfic reading crazes, ususally jumpstarted by my squee fandom-of-the-week/month/year. I grew up on TNG, but when I watched TOS a few monthes ago, BANG! There went my dry spell of fanfic reading (which had gone for two or three years).


Never been a beta before, but I'm certainly willing to give it a go if anyone's interested. 

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Challenges by Manganra

So I saw the summary for this story by eclipse, and then I thought of the manga Karneval, and then I thought, I want Tribble!Kirk! I know there's an actual (awesome) story with Jim and Spock as tribbles, but this is different. I want a real tribble to have been genetically engineered (or magically) to be a human being... named Jim Kirk. The reason he's male is because his creators didn't want him getting pregnant... but it doesn't work! I want Jim still adjusting to life as a human (whether he remembers being a tribble or not is up to you), with tribble-like behaviors and of course, mpreg!

Bonus points Abrams verse. Bonus points for very, very few people knowing he was a tribble (maybe Pike and Bones only? Maybe Spoke Prime doesn't even know?). Bonus, bonus points for Spock being very, very confused by illogical tribble!Kirk (and of course being unable to resist him ^_~)

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I've been reading a bunch of kid!fics, and I noticed that Spock Prime is rarely in them. So here's my challenge: I want Spock Prime to have arrived at the same time as Nero, but he escaped because Nero was distracted with the Kelvin. He makes a life for himself, where is up to you. He discovers that little/baby Jim has been mostly abandoned by his Mom, and left to an abusive step-dad (or some other not fun situation). He swoops in and raises Jim himself (no Sam, please!). Years later, Jim has been falling in love with his foster father from the moment they met, but Spock Prime angstfully resists Jim's advances because he believes that Jim is meant to be with Young!Spock. But Young!Spock has Uhura, so....

I want a happy ending, please! I'd like either Jim and Spock Prime to be together or have a Spock Prime/Jim/Spock sandwich. ^_^ Thanks! I'd also like to see several chapters of Spock Prime raising Jim.

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Heroes crossover. Honestly, I don't know why Heroes isn't a option for other universes considering Zachary Quinto plays such an important character!

So, due to a transporter malfunction, Spock and Sylar switch places. Sylar finds himself on the Enterprise, while Spock ends up in an alternate early 21st century Earth. What happens? Do the Enterprise crew survive? Or does Sylar finally decide to use his powers for good (perhaps to impress a certain captain? *cough*)? Can Spock convince the revengeful heroes tht he's not a serial killer?

I'd like the story to start out pre-slash with Spock/Kirk and Sylar/Peter. I'd like it to be told from the pov of Spock and Sylar, the two holding unrequited, or so they believe, loves for Kirk and Peter. Once the two switch, I'd like their feelings to become confused, with some Sylar/Kirk and Spock/Peter. Whether they stay in their new worlds or return to their old ones (and their original loves) is up to you. Ending can be happy or not. I'd even be interested in seeing alternate endings.

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If there is already a challenge like this one, I apologize. I also posted this on the stid kink meme, but thought I'd cover both bases. ^_^

While Jim is dying, Spock realizes his true feelings for Jim. With this insight, he starts to plan on how to show Jim he belongs to Spock. The half-Vulcan's confident no one is as important to Jim as he is. What could go wrong? Too bad he's not the only super-being to have an interest in Jim....

No Spock/Uhura, either past or present, please. I'd like to have either Clueless!Jim and/or Jim end up with both Khan and Spock. Sleeping with one suitor at a time in order to decide (and choosing both anyway), is perfectly acceptable.


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