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Hello, I love to write and I love to write stories for my favorite TV show's, movies, and books.

I got into Star Trek in 2O11 by coming across fanart of Spock/Kirk on I decided to watch Star Trek the original series over Netflix and fall in love with the show, the characters, and of course this pairing. It had quickly become one of my top three favorite shows. And Spock became my favorite character withen two episodes.

All I can say is that I hope you like my stories. And that if you see any posted on I am boothandboneslove. As well that if you see them posted on I am azina-osana. I am also now Elematal_soreceress1 on AO3.


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I want to see a modren day Abrams universe AU where Jim is in collage and accidently texts Spock's cell phone when trying to text Bones. Jim of course apologizes. I want it to be that Jim put Bones' number in wrong so everytime he tries to text Bone' he texts Spock.  Later I want Spock and Jim to bump in to eachother and grab the others phone by mistake. I want this to start off where they dont know eachother and end with them in a commited relationship.

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