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I'm obsessed with Kirk/Spock slash fiction, TOS Spirk is my OTP. I also prefer Kirk centered stories (slash and nonslash) where he struggles, gets captured, shot at, ect. cause I like how Spock gets all Vulcany for him (but mostly pure whumpage). I also really like stories that are of the triumvirate because McCoy is an intricate part of the Kirk/Spock relationship and he deserves to be included more in the Spirk stories. Either as the platonic best friend or a lover because it's very clear that McCoy cares about Spock and Jim, and to Spock and Jim McCoy is more than just a doctor and crewmate, he's family.

I read some AOS/Kelvin Timeline stories but there are few things that annoy me when some ff writers have the habit to categorize their work in the original series or write original series stories and change kirks eye color. When I'm reading a classic TOS I want the beautiful hazel Shatner eyes! I also don't understand why the need for excessive explicitives is necessary in the AOS/Kelvin Timeline stories, I've seen the movies and they do not swear every other word. It's so out of character and its irritating. As far as pairings go in the AOS/Kelvin Timeline the only one that really makes sense to me is AOS McKirk. I indulge in AOS Spirk sometimes because there are really great fics that make the pairing believable but TOS Spirk is my true love.

Besides the obvious first ever slash pairing, I really like the profund philospy that makes Star Trek, the need for adventure, the love and compassion for others, acceptence of all races colors, species, orientation, creeds and so on, uniting as one to spend our energies on scientific discovery instead of war greed and hatred. I strongly hope that the Star Trek 23rd century way of life can become a reality for us someday in the 21st century =]

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I recently got my hands on a yaoi called Crimson Spell written/illustrated by Ayano Yamane, which is just freaking perfect and what I have been waiting for my whole adulthood! I couldn't help but hunger for spirk fan fics that are similar to the manga series....anyone familiar with it and have fics to recommend or dare I say want to create one using elements of the yaoi (not as a crossover fic, however I couldn't help but keep casting Kirk as Prince Valdrigr and Spock as the sorcerer Halvir in my head as I read the manga lol)?? If anyone wishes to create this here are some things that are an absolute must in the fiction: AU! TOS ONLY, ACTION/ADVENTURE WITH PLOT, FIRST TIME, PRE K/S, K/S, LOTS OF ANGST WITH A HAPPY ENDING, ROMANCE, NC/17rating(LOTS OF NAUGHTY BITS), BOTTOM!KIRK, DUBIOUS CONSENT, PROTECTIVE!SPOCK,HURT!KIRK, HURT!SPOCK, MCCOY MUST BE IN THE FIC AS KIRKS BEST BUDDY(similar to the role that Rulca has in Crimson Spell). Also if unfamiliar with the yaoi in question and have difficulties finding reference to it here's a quick synopsis too: "The curse of the magical crimson sword has turned Prince Vald into a monster! To break the spell, he sets out on a journey with a sexy and gorgeous magician, Havi. Vald has no idea that when he turns into a beast at knight, Havi uses his unique talents to pacify his beastly appetite. The luscious journey of Vald and Havi begins." Source: myanimelist . net / manga And fan art too perhaps??? pretty pleaaaase! Thank you in advance!! Sincerely, an avid spirk fan

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