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Just recently got into Star trek but man do i love it XD

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Challenges by Marie_raine

Kirk and Spock are now bonded and wish to return to new Vulcan to inform Spock's father and Spock Prime and to ask for their blessings. Spock Prime makes a comment about how he can smell Spock on Jim and it gets Prime horny. Prime kisses Jim and Spock walks in on it. Jim is confused and Spock is extremly jealous and over protective. Spock then picks up Jim and takes him to thier room, Prime follows. Then Spock stakes his claim on Jim and rims, fingers and sucks  Jim till he's moaning like a bitch in heat for Spock to fuck him. Spock takes Jim right infront of Prime. Prime masterbates to the sexy display.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Sarek

Its the 1 year anniversry after Vulcan was destroyed and Spocks mother killed. Spock and Jim have been in a relationship for a  couple of months. Jim thinks back and cant get the bad things he said about Amanda that day out of his head. Spock tells him its alright but Jim cant forgive himself. Leads to Jim crying in Spocks arms and telling him everything about his fucked up childhood where his mother was always off planet and his stepdad beat him and his brother. Leads to crazy passionate sex with a mind meld.

BONUS: Spock on top

BONUS: After the sex Spock eats Jim out and makes him cum again

BONUS: Throw Spock Prime in there somwhere (I love the guy XD)

BONUS: Spock cries to

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda