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I have seen several stories with alternate universe slave Jim/Spock situations? 

What would happen is “present” Jim and Spock from Abrams universe found themselves on planet Vulcan, waaaaaay in the past.  Say before the whole logic thing?  Jim, blonde haired blue eyed would be a rather exotic creature to the locals.  And his First Officer?  Well, they’re not exactly friendly with one another.  And it’s going to take time, read at least a year and a half, before rescue is made in the manner of your choice, I’m thinking space storm combined with whatever planet phenomena but your choice really. 

Keep in mind!!! Vulcans are desert dwellers, make these past version of a civilized race tribal and nomadic, Spock might not like the new living standards but he’s going to be better equipped than his Captain.  Said Captain is not going to be thrilled with the fact that but smart enough to know he needs to rely on Spock. 

At some point Jim will be captured and carted off and Spock will not have a timely rescue, how long is up the author.  At some point Spock will have to fight for Jim, poor little human tied to a post as a ready prize for the winner, may be provocative, hell he doesn’t even have to be facing the fight but must be able to at least hear it.  Clothing optional. 

Don’t make Jim completely helpless against the Vulcans.  Give him some credit he’s a sneaky bastard and knows better than to go toe to toe with them in a fair fight. 

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