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Challenges by Vulcan Lover

I reserve the right to refuse a challenge if I get any at all, which I doubt! But I really am getting the writing urge, and yet, I haven't the inspiration, and can't find a challenge as yet that 'speaks' to me!

I'd like to receive some challenges, not to continue stories I've listed already, but short challenges - y'know, like, one word challenges, or a line, or an idea/a room/a style or particular narrative.

I DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING PERVY! I DO NOT write anything remotely underage, or Dom/Sub or Non-consentual. NO WAY on ANY planet that might exist in any form of existence or on any plain whatsoever, will I ever write anything like that stuff. I just can't! Call it my own issue as to why not.

I don't mind writing sexy stuff (Ha!) but nothing with anyone being tied up and absolutely NOTHING that invoves abuse.

Other hard hitting topics, MAYBE, but nothing nasty.

If you have a word prompt, or room prompt or situation prompt, or a category prompt that fits in to what I do write, and you're not pissed off at me for detailing what I WILL NOT WRITE, do get in touch. I DO NOT WRITE Harry Potter crossovers, so don't ask...

I like fun, sweet, fluffy, missing scene or behind closed doors hot and happy totally consentual, big love affair type prompts, but not crackfic! Angst is fine. Action, I'm not altogether great at! I usually like to be a bit sentimental but not too much so... Help, PLEASE! Don't moan at me! I've thought of asking for challenge prompts on here so many times before!

If you have a challenge for me, get in touch via leaving me some kind feedback, or by going to my author page here. Flamers will be ignored and then reported. I write either Abrams-verse or TOS - TOS mostly, I suppose, and AUs of either.

I tolerate Spock & Uhura, but I usually change how they got together cos I think the writers got that wrong in 2009 - Spock has more integrity (I know they're the same age, so he's not being a pervert, but I still don't think he'd just go for it)...

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