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I recently discovered the Star Trek fandom after seeing the Reboot movie. Unfortunately, I did not discover the original series sooner, and am in the process of watching it now! Love this fandom and looking forward reading more stories and hopefully writing one one day^^

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Challenges by Nocturnal Nightengale

Hello, I love both of these series and Love to see a Star Trek AU of X-Men. So for this challange here are a few of my requests:

I would like a AU star trek world where mutants are not only from Earth but from other worlds as well. Thus, there is a school for "gifted" individuals to learn and harness their abilities. Captain Pike or Ambassador Sarek should be the "Professor Xavior" of this story.

Spock should have telepahy/telekinesis for his powers for obvious reasons. Although, I some how see Jim having like Gambit's abilities I'll leave Jim's and the rest of the gang up to the Author. Bones, Scotty, and Sybok perhaps could be instructors.

I like in this story for Jim to have a troubled past because of his family and his powers and he is a run-away found by the "Professor Xavior" of this story. He is invited to the school for a chance to belong and to learn. Jim is cocky, and has a devil may care attitude but this is just a image he projects in fear of getting close to close to someone and getting hurt. I would like Spock to reach out and break Jim's walls. How you want the Thy'la bond to work in this AU s up to you.

I see that this story can go in many directions, for example:Uhara chould be persueing Spock and When Jim enters the school the tension could build between the characters. Spock could be an instructor and Jim a student, etc. What ever direction this story takes I'll leave up to the author, however my only request is that Spock and Jim have a happy ending.

I would also like to request a side pairing for this story Bones/Sybok (I read a story by CMM where this pairing just stole my heart).

So have fun and looking forward to reading anyone who answers this challange! P.S. feel free to include sexy times between our favorite boys^-~

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Hello, for this challenge I would like to request a plot that has been seen in movies and books but I would like a Trek Version of it:

So Spock actually has a really good relationship with Sybok and Sybok of course is really protective of his baby brother and wants him to be happy. Sybok of course has survived the destruction of Vulcan because he was away on another planet. Now he’s going to New Vulcan to help the new colony. Of course the Enterprise is doing Ferry service. So once Sybok is on board he notices his little brother is crushing on his captain and vice versa. However Spock is in deep denial and Jim is too scared to confess in fear of rejection. So Sybok decides to help Jim by making it look like he’s “pursuing” Jim in order to make Spock jealous so he’ll admit the truth and confront Jim. I think is a fun plot and Have Fun! I would like Spock to get really jealous and confront Jim in anger and they of course get together in the heat of passion between one another^^

Bones of course like another big brother to Jim so he can contribute to this insanity^^

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So I recently saw the BBC masterpiece theater version of Jane Austin’s “Persuasion” and completely fell in love with movie. Now that I got into this fandom I can’t help but think there should be Trek version of this. So I would like to ask for this challenge to make Jim and Spock into Star Crossed lovers finding their way back to one another.

I would like Jim to be the Captain Fitzwilliam Wentworth of this story with Spock having the character role of Anne Elliot. So Jim and Spock meet in when they’re young maybe 16 and 19 respectively. Spock was “Persuaded” to leave Jim by his family. Jim goes off to join Star Fleet to make a name for himself. They have not seen each other for 10 years, but Spock has not forgotten about Jim and has been thinking about him constantly. Jim is on a Star Fleet mission to Vulcan and he’ll be staying in Vulcan for a short time. You can make up a reason as to why Jim is there in the first place. Spock is friends with a Vulcan family who has invited the infamous Captain Kirk to dinner, Spock of course is also invited to said dinner and thus our favorite couple run into each other again.

I would like to see the plot of the movie with what ever twists you would like to throw in. So have fun and good luck!


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So for this challenge I would like to request an unexpected family for Jim and Spock:

So Jim’s brother Sam and his wife died in an unfortunate accident of some kind and they had 3 children. I think the first 2 should be boys and the youngest one a girl. They are all pretty young with the oldest boy being around 10 or so and the baby girl being maybe 4 or 5. They are of course all traumatized by the death of their parents. Each of the kids has his or her own way of dealing with it. I’ll leave it up to the author I thinking along the lines of the baby girl going mute or maybe the middle child since their parents died and maybe the oldest is angry and acts like a delinquent? I’ll leave it you and to top it all off they are being told that they will be living on a Fleet Flagship with their uncle who they have not met. Jim Kirk is the only living relative they have so Star Fleet is of course sending the kids to Jim.

Jim is one his 2nd year of command after the Narada incident. He and Spock have slowly become friends. It’s during this time the kids arrive on the Enterprise to be with Jim. Jim of course gets like a paternal instinct and takes cares of his nieces and nephews as if they were his own. But, Jim gets over whelmed with taking care of the kids and running the ship. Spock of course steps in to help him. They grow closer during this time and the children not only bond greatly with Jim but with Spock as well. Spock also gets protective with the children the kids give their trust freely to Spock and go to him when they can’t reach Jim.

I have this one scene in my head where Jim passes out in exhaustion and Spock comes in to check on him and puts a blanket over him and then checks on the kids. The little girl awake when Spock checks in on her and asks him to read her a bed time story. So of course Spock does it and then all 3 children lie on the bed listening to Spock and falling asleep. After the story is over Spock can’t move cause if he does then the kids will wake up so he stays like that all night and falls asleep. That’s how Jim finds all of them in the morning and Jim pretty much falls in love with Spock/realizes he’s in love with Spock.

The kids, once they warm up to Jim and Spock; lets not forget Uncle Bone and the rest of the crew of course Plot of get Jim and Spock together to make a new family.

Feel free to play around how ever you want^^ Have fun and happy writings^^

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So I went to Party City today for Halloween Decorations and I noticed they already had the Christmas decorations out too and I thought well maybe some one would like to do this challange when the time comes:

So for this challange I request Kirk courting Spock with meaningful gifts based on the 12 days of Christmas. Spock and Uhara have broken and up and a sufficient enough time has passed after the break up during which time Spock has of course been hanging around his favorite Captain and they have been becoming close friends. Kirk of course has fallen for Spock and decides for Christmas he's going to pursue Spock. To give Spock a sense of Family during Christmas specially with his mother being dead.

You can even have them on vacation on either New Vulcan or Earth with just the two of them. I would like Kirk to be like a secret santa leaving all the gifts for Spock and leaving clues for Spock to figure out who it is that is leaving him the touching gifts.

I want Kirk to think he's been clear and that Spock has no clue whose been leaving the gifts but in reality Spock knew from day one's gift that it was Jim and kind of humors him to find out what Kirk is really up to. You can decide how Spock knew it was Jim.

So have fun and be merry!!!

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I was watching the "Wedding Planner" the other day and in the movie the father of Jennifer Lopez's character tells her that the the marriage between her mother and him was arranged. He told her how at first they hated each other but had no choice and then one day he became really sick and she stood by his side and took care of him, and that's how she had gained his respect. He said how that respect eventually turned to friendship and how that friendship eventually turned to affection and how the affection eventually turned to this deep love that he would always treasure.

So I thought well since Spock and Kirk had such a rocky start in ST:XI that perhaps its possible to do the good old derserted island technique to get them together. But, since we are already in space it might be easier to find a deserted planet than a derserted Island. You can decide how Kirk and Spock end up on said planet. Perhaps a freak accident with a escape shuttle and they get stuck together without the crew unitl such a time they are rescued.

So of course before they get rescued: they start out butting heads and you can decide how they eventually come to an understanding which evetually turns into friendship, and the friends turns to love bettween the two. Feel free to include hot sexy times on said planet when the time comes^_~

Have fun and Enjoy!


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I love a good old romantic fairy tale. So for this story I would like Jim Kirk to be a Prince and Spock his Knight.

This story has a lot of room to play around in my opinion because I would not mind if the story is set in the good old times when technology wasn't around and real knights were present or set in the future where there's is advanced civilizations. I only ask that Spock remain himself with the pointed ears we love so much.

So for the story I think Jim might not keen on having a knight to protect him but, his life has been threatened so of course the King has placed the greatest Knight in all the kingdoms to guard Jim. Jim of course tries to ditch Spock and it never works cause lets face it, Spock is just that awsome. So they grudgingly begin to get along and the more Jim hangs out with Spock and sees what a devoted Knight Spock is he can't help falling in love with him.

But can the royal Prince end up with his lowly Knight? Happy Ending requested please^^

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So the abrupt mind meld Spock prime did with Jim has some "side effects" so to speak.

So for this challange I would like to request a story on how abrupt they had to perform the mind meld in Delta Vega and how much Spock Prime himself was emotionally compromised at the time, the mind meld did not break off cleanly. In fact it left something left behind that Jim Kirk is unaware of, until things settle down and they leave on their five year mission at the end of the movie. Jim Kirk has some of Spock Prime's most treasured memories of Jim Prime and their life together. Only Jim doesn't realize they are memories. At first, they are dreams after a really tired day. When Jim passes out and he's reliving the memories he thinks he's actually dreaming. It starts to happen more frequently to the point Jim starts to wonder if they are really dreams and it starts to affect his job because he's restless for "something" that's just out of reach.

Spock notices his Captain's stresses state inquires. Jim of course says nothing, and walks away. Eventually the dreams get really intense to the point Jim would wake up screming and sweating (these are memories when either one of them was hurt in the TOS version) So Spock course come in and wakes Jim up and calms him down. He tells Jim he can calm his mind through a mind meld and let him have a restful sleep so Jim agrees. But, when younger Spock performs the mind mild what actually happens is that all the memories have created an "open Thy'la" bond inside Jim's mind and When Spock does the mind meld the bond completes itself. Spock of course is shocked when this happens as he is still with Uhara and Kirk has not developed romantic feeling for Spock. Since its the "Thy'la" bond it can not be broken and Jim and Spock are basically stuck with each other and do not know how to proceed. When younger Spock contacts Spock Prime, Spock prime conforms that in his universe that he and his Jim were together. He apologizes to younger Spock for accidently forcing them to bond in this timeline, but there is nothing he can do to undo the damamge.

So how will our favorite couple deal with the unexpected bond and how will their relationship progress? I will leave it to you, I only ask for a happy ending between Jim and Spock. Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

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So since the recent surge in Vampire/Werewolf genre, it's possible to do a Star Trek twist.

Jim is a Werewolf by blood. It's been in his bloodline because his father was one as well. Could be that there is a planet somewhere with such a race and his father was "turned" and now Jim caries the bloodline just doesn't know it yet. So since the bloodline is fainter in Jim, it doesn't kick in until after he becomes Captain and they are off in their 5 year mission. So of course Jim's bloodline rears its ugly head. Jim is freaked out and Bones ends up looking into matters and figures it out for Jim.

Kind of like how the Thy'la bond has been used, now with the awakening of Jim's bloodline Jim has an "Imprint" bond. Wolves if anyone is not a aware, mate for life. So Jim doesn't have a choice in who he imprints on, just kind of happens after your awakening. So the first time Jim sees Spock after the awakening he imprints on Spock.

I want this fic to be angst in the beginning because Spock is in a relationship with Uhara. Jim is pinning away in misery, etc. However, Spock and Uhara are having relationship problems; Jim is just not aware of them. But, it does play out to Jim pursuing Spock after Spock and Uhara break up.

I want this to have a happy ending and feel free to play around with the idea. This is something that just popped into my head.

Bonus: If after the imprinting, everything month after Jim goes through his "transformation ordeal" he's pretty much in "heat" and needs to mate. So of course there's a couple days worth of sexathon to satisfy the mating urges.

Mega Bonus: If Vulcan's Knot during their mating and since Jim's awakening he knots as well during mating. So they of course must take turns in said "Sexathon" previously.

Have fun and Enjoy!!! Happy Writings ^^

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I think it would be just a long long one-shot or a really short story.

So basically, It can be either Jim or Spock have to attend a family reunion or what not, and asks the other to accompany them as an escort on said trip.

For example if Jim happened to be going back to Iowa, where he was treated so badly by everyone and memories were not great, he asks Spock to accompany him, as Spock is his strength, and also he could inadverdently use Spock to show him off as a potential boyfriend. This could also be vice-versa like Spock having attend some seminar and his old bullies are going to be there, So he asks Jim to come along with him to provide emotional support. At the event they relaize what the other means to them/each other and get together.

I think I would want this in the Abrams Universe, with Spock and Jim having been really close friends for 2 years in the 5 year mission. I really love family and emotional ties, and that the support Jim and Spock get is from each other. So yea feel free to play around with the idea and knock yourself out^^

Bonus: First time together after said event with hot steamy sex!

Have fun and Happy writtings!!!

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So I've been reading the stories posted here and in some of them there's a joke about Jim reading the harlequin romance novels. lol...So I thought you know he should be staring in one.

So for this story, obviously AU universe where Jim could be rouge-ish devil may care star-ship captain (maybe like a pirate ship), but you know he's a good guy. Has a tarnished reputation for whatever reason and Spock is the sophisticated aristocrat that for whatever reason has to get a ferry service from said star-ship captain. Feel free to play around what their reasons are. So our favorite boys should have their own cheesy romance to remember by.

Please have a happy ending and good character development as they are the oppsoite of each other and they complement each other. Sex of course is a must as this is a romance story with plenty of good humor. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!

Bonus: Make a cheesy romance title like "Seduced by a Highlander or something.

Extra Bonus: Bones and Sybok are in this and have their own little side story. I'm pictureing like Bones being Jim's funny side-kick and Sybok the bad-ass older brother of Spock. 

Mega Bonus: Sexy times  GALORE!!! Both between Jim and Spock and Bones and Sybok!!!

Have fun and Happy writtings!!!

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For this challange it's going to be AU of Abrams's Verse. This is inspired now by the motion picture of the same name and a book I once read.

Since Spock is the son of the Vulcan ambassador, his life is threatened by someone who wants revenge against ambassador Sarek. So of course Sarek contacts Star Fleet to provide the best protection they could for Spock. Star Fleet is like an intergalactic police force.

The protection of course is their number one agent James T. Kirk. Since Spock now has to be under constant guard, Star Fleet orders Jim to pretend to be Spock's fiance in order to make it plausble that Jim will now move in with Spock. Also in order to lay the trap for the psycho, Spock and Jim move into a new place in like a subberbia type of location and introduce themselves to the locals.  So of course now they have to act like a couple and get along like one.

I would like Jim and Spock to clash as their personalities are different and that they grow together as the story goes. Also Spock could come off as rigid/bossy bastard in the beginning and Jmm more devil may care; but astute and brilliant (as he is very good at his job).

Please have a happy ending, even if at one point Jim takes a shot for Spock or something. Feel free to play around with the idea, I just thought of off hand. Have fun and enjoy!!!

Bonus: sexy-times between the boys once they admit their feelings of one another. I would like one possessive encounter after someone in town hits on Jim or Spock. But, again feel free to play around how you like^^

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I'm sure this probably has been suggested before, something along these line or another...

So for this challenge I want to make it that Vulcan's really are emotionless, they only gain their emotions when they find their Thy'la. It's sudden and foreign and most of them you know tend to have to learn how to adapt to live with emotions. I want to make Vulcans a little more to their ancestrial chaacteristic than their current logical self. So they are teritorial when they find their bond-mates and possesssive.

So with that in mind, I want this in Abrams verse with that the first time Spock meets Jim the bond automatically forms. There's absolutely no way to dissolve it, it basically forces the two parties involved to get along. The bond has a few side effects, one being that both of them have unlimited access to the other's head.So if let's say Jim is checking someone out the, Spock can hear his said thoughts. It also makes each other extremely possessive, as they'll see it as someone trying to steal their mate.

So how do two people that really couldn't stand each other come together to be one? Happy Ending is a must!!! I would like the story to start of the first time Jim and Spock see each other at the hearing across from the podiums. That's the first time Spock hears Jim speak his emotions develop and the first time they touch (when Spock was choking the hell out of Jim) the bond forms.

I want the story to continue through the Narada incident and into the five year mission to see them come together. Have fun and enjoy^^

Bonus: There's an epilouge of how they are doing at the end of the story set like 20 years into the future.

Mega Bonus: When ever they have their territorial/ possessive moment they always claim their mate aggressively to show who they belong to; thus leading to many many hot angry/possessive sexy times!!! 

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I always love the children from the future plot lines, So here another one to toy around with:

So Spock is hanging around the transporter one day with Scotty, he could be helping him or something and boom there's a malfunction and two children appear in the transporter pad. They see Spock and run to him yelling Sa-mekh!!!

They of course tackle him and hug him tightly in their panic. Spock is shocked to say they least but he holds the children and ease their fears eventually they after they look at him better they realize their Sa'mekh is younger than he seems to be and of course they figure out that the kids are from the feature and have ended up in the past due to said Transporter problems.

So Spock takes the children first of course to Bones, they need to be evaluated. While in Bone's care the kids figure out that Spock and Jim haven't gotten together yet. Bones of course figure out that the Kids belong to Jim and Spock, but the Kids convince him that he can't reveal that yet because you know screwing the time-line and causing them to be unborn etc.

So the kids are stuck with younger Spock and Jim until they can figure out how to send them back. The kids of course don't reveal to Spock who their other father/parental unit is either and during their stay still play match maker anyway. I want the children to be a mix of Spock and Jim, but the Jim characteristics have to be subtle so it doesn't give it away. The children could be somewhere between the ages of 10 and 5. I want the older child to be a boy and the younger one to be a girl. Even though the kids try to keep who their other parental unit as a secret, basically the senior command team figures it out based on how the kids act and stuff and have that knowing smile after a while. I really want the kids to spend time with both Jim and Spock, and have familial moments.

It's up the author how Jim and Spock get together, but I would like it that their kids were suppose to comeback in time to get them going so to speak. I really love the new trek movie so if this could be in Abrams verse please. Have Fun and Enjoy!!!!Happy Writings!!!!


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Hello so for this story this is my challenge:

Jim and Bones became best friends in college and made a vow to be there for one another when the other needed him. When they graduated, Bones had gone to Vulcan to do a medical internship and Jim went to Star Fleet. They've of course kept in contact and now some years later Bones has written to Jim asking him to come to Vulcan.

Why do you ask?

During his stay in Vulcan, Bones met and fell in love and now is getting married. He has called Jim to be his best man. So of course when Jim arrives we find out who Bones is engaged to; none other than Sybok!!!( This is Abrams AU in my opinion) So naturally the person assigned to take Jim around and show him ropes so to speak is Spock!

Spock is distant, abrasive, and down right rude to Jim. Jim in turn wants to wipe the floor with Spock. So what happens when Jim starts to notice the gentler and honorable side of Spock and what if someone else who wanted to get Sybok is now courting Spock for their own selfish reasons? (could be T'Pring or Stonn)

How will Jim court the enigma that is Spock!!! I want Amanda in this fic, as a loving mother to both Spock and Sybok.

I would like really hilarious moments between Spock's family and Jim and Bones. Spock is a very gentle and honorable person who hides behind a tough exterior, I want Jim to see that and they both complete each other. Happy ending is a must!!! Have Fun and Happy Writings!!!

Bonus: Lots and lots of sexy times between Jim and Spock and Bones and Sybok ^_~

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This is inspired by a Taiwanese Drama I just watched called "Fated to Love You". Kind of like your Cinderella Story except in this version the baby comes first then the marriage. I'm using the synopsis of the drama to write this

So for this challenge I am making it really AU of the Abrams verse to make it plausible.

Jim Kirk is an unconfident office worker who is like a sticky note, convenient to run errands for people and is taken advantage of easily. He has the desire to tie down his boyfriend Gary Mitchell(Who is a cheating bastard) and after some advice, he plans and pays for a romantic cruise trip.

Spock is the sole male heir to his family’s Corporation from Amanda's side. Sarek is still an ambassador in this, don't see a reason to change that. But Spock has taken over the company from his grandfather and is now president/CEO. He has been in love with his Starfleet girlfriend Nyota Uhara for a very long time. Amanda's family has a curse of having only male descendant in every generation.

Nyota is very focused on her career, She doesn’t want to settle down yet because of her career and the pressure of having to rid Amanda's family curse so she has rejected Spock's proposal for twelve times in a row. Spock hasn't given up and plans the thirtieth proposal on a romantic cruise trip. Nyota is on her way to the cruise trip when she gets a call informing her of an important mission and so she cancels on Spock and leaves for the mission.

On the cruise Jim gets sick and takes some cold medicine which makes him drowsy and disoriented. He accidently goes into Spock's room because their rooms are across from one another and Jim's room in 36 and Spock's is 39. The 9 was loose and when Spock has closed it last the 9 flipped and became a 6. Spock one the other hand was drugged by some people who are angry with him over a new project his corporation started. Spock's company is buying out a chain company and rebuilding it to their own purposes. The company people came aboard the ship to convince Spock otherwise and when Spock doesn't change his mind and tells them off they spike his drink in revenge. So Spock has been given a very potent aphrodisiac and makes his way to his room. He of courses has his away with Jim and Jim thinks its Gary so neither are aware they are sleeping with strangers until come morning.

Spock accuses Jim is being in cohorts with the people who drugged him and realizes his mistake when he sees Jim freaking out about losing his first time to a complete stranger!!! So Spock plays nice and goes with Jim to see Gary, of course when Jim goes to his room with Spock in tow they see Gary with another person and Jim gets his heart broken as Gary basically informs Jim that he's just been using him for money. Spock feels bad for Jim and takes him and does the whole cool guy make over and helps Jim show up Gary on the cruise. They depart when the cruise ends vowing never to talk about what happened.

However, everything changes when Jim discovers that he is pregnant (Jim has to have a mix bloodline from another alien race to make this possible obviously). Since Jim is supposed to be like Cinderella maybe that can come in to play with how his family treats him and what his family life is like. To top it all of the company that Jim works for is the one that Spock is now taking over so they run into one another when Spock comes for a meeting or something. Amanda finds out about the pregnancy and force the two to get married. Amanda is not fond of Nyota as she takes her work first and Amanda loves Jim from the moment she meets him. She sees that Jim can make Spock happy and take care of him with his hectic life. So she puts her foot down to get them married.

Spock who is still very in love with his girlfriend decides that he will make Jim leave after he gives birth to the child. Jim starts to fall in love with him but is burdened with the guilt of ruining Spock and Nyota’s relationship so he struggles to stand up for himself. Spock is unsure of what to do when he realizes that he is falling for Jim. Nyota comes back from her mission to discover what has happened with Spock. She creates a misunderstanding between Jim and Spock that causes Jim to doubt Spock's feeling for him and for the baby.

So what will Spock do? Who will he choose? How will Jim grow through he course of this story?

I have to request that a happy ending is a MUST between Jim and Spock. I don't mind a little angst, but Spock and Jim have to happy ending.

I want Jim to want a family after how his life has been and Spock to love children and is looking forward to becoming a father even if he didn't want the baby in the beginning. And Amanda to be the mother that Jim never had. She's always in Jim's corner after Spock and Jim get married and protects him.

Bonus: lots and lots of fluffy moments between Jim and Spock; endearments, thoughtful gifts, funny moments, etc. Go nuts with the fluff!!!

Super-Bonus: if you get the other characters in the story as well; specially Bones, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov.

Mega-Bonus: lots and lots of sexy times between Jim and Spock; specially after Spock starts to fall in love with Jim and maybe his Vulcan instinct takes over and he can't keep his hands off Jim.

Have fun and Enjoy!!!

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So my sister was watching this game show called newly weds and was showing it to me because of some of the questions they ask.

So of course my head began thinking if Jim and Spock somehow randomly ended up on a show like this? This is somewhat of a crack fic^^ 

So I would just like to say have fun and ask really embarassing questions and you know they have to match their answers and etc.

Have fun and enjoy^^

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