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Challenges by ShadowRavin

I want a fic where the Enterprise experiences some unknown phenomenom and everyone is de-aged. How far is up to the author they could be kids or teens or you could have them de-aged a set number of years so there are some teens and some younger kids. I want them not remembering anything before whatever age they are and they have to figure out what has happened and somehow fix it or get to help without getting destroyed/captured by enemies of the author choice.

Bonus points for kid Jim trying to stay in charge of everyone. Extra bonus points for rebel Bones. And extra extra bonus points for Spock and Jim not knowing why they share quarters!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

You know all those fics where it is a Ds universe but Jim lied and said he was a dom, but really he was a sub and subs can't be in command without a dom? When I am reading them I can't help wondering why he didn't just say he was a switch, so I want a fic where he does say he say he that he is a switch, but someone finds out that he is a sub and blackmails him into sleeping with them.

Later Jim is just starting to feel safe again when he finds out he is pregnant. Male switches can't get pregnant though, so he leaves Starfleet to hide his pregnancy. Cue Spock (or Spock and Bones) who has a major crush on him trying to find out whats wrong and get his captain back.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

For some reason no one ever discovered what was happening on Tarsus (a war, Kudos declared there indepedence, whatever) . The famine eventually ends, but the only survivors are Kudos, Kudos's men, the people who submit to Kudos, and Kirk and his kids (who are hiding somewhere).

Years later (about the time Kirk is 17 or 18) Starfleet finally comes (maybe Jim built something and sent out a distress signal?) Jim meets Spock during the rescue somehow (Maybe he eventually convinces him to join Starfleet and they  get together). He may or may not meet Bones, and or Pike there, but please no magically making the whole crew appear or anything.

Bonus: Kirk being overly protective of "his kids."

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chris Pike, McCoy