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ST: XI Abrams fic based on the TOS episode "Balance of Terror."

Spock is no stranger to being the unwilling subject of racism and xenophobia because of his childhood on Vulcan. So when a fellow crewmember begins flaunting his bigotry in increasingly violent encounters with the Commander, Spock intends to follow Starfleet protocol an resolve the conflict as professionally and quietly as possible. However, when he contacts the head of security, he finds that Chief Giotto shares the same xenphobic tendencies he's trying to dissipate.


  • Spock withdraws from Kirk as the encounters escalate, which leads to angst!Kirk because he's worked so hard to build their friendship after the Narada engagement.
  • Spock does his best to prevent Kirk from getting involved because 1) he refuses to put his captain in a position that could potentially threaten his command, and 2) he's always been secretly terrified of discovering the same sickening hatred in those he holds close to his heart.
  • Kirk is his usual refuse-to-lose self and snoops until he discovers what's happening.
  • Kirk catches Spock in a lie (perhaps about suspicious injuries he has) and Spock reveals the depth of his fear and caring for Jim, which naturally leads to drawn out and delicious space sex and bonding.
  • Bigger bonus if both Kirk and Spock talk about how stupid in love they are and spend a few hours completely wrapped up in each other while they plan how to handle the racism on board.
  • Bully beat downs appreciated (but only if they are 'Fleet approved).
  • Handle Spock's lack of relationship with Nyota however works best, but please no Uhura bashing. I love that woman.

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