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I began to watch Star Trek and to read K/S when I lived a long time at an orphanage. In this time Star Trek and particularly Spock was my support. Now I'll begin to study mathematics and physics. Of course Spock is my favorite character.

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Challenges by Spock_Thyla34564

I´ve thought about this for a long time. I would prefer the TOS Universe, but maybe it´s also possible in Abrams universe.

Spock is traumatized from an incident in his childhood (Maybe Rape or somthing other, it´s up to you). Something happened let him remembere and he can´t sleep or meditate, because of terrible nightmares. Jim tries to comfort him.

At last they discover their feelings for each other and spend hot and romantic nights together.

Bonuspoint: Spock didn´t tell Jim at the first time.

Bonuspoint: McCoy is involved in the story and knowing about Spock´s trauma (Spock told him).


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