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I am single and do not work because of a disability. I help my brother out by taking care of his 2 almost 3 year old son Conrad. Love him to pieces. I am a HUGH Star Trek Fan especially of the Original Series and I am starting to accept the new Star Trek XI not easy since they did away with all my history of Trek. Well here it is now almost a year this may that I will have made a move that was hard to make. I no longer live with my brother I know live with my nice and her family which consit of 4 children and I find that I now have another little one attached to like her Momma was and is, as well as Conrad is attached to me so now is my great niece Alyssa is. She helps me when I feel so alone from not having my nephew Conrad here with me any loner. This was a move that needed to be made but came before I was ready to really go. Well that is life have to flow with the curves it throws at you no matter how hard they are because if you do not you will not survive the change.

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I was watching a Kirk/Spock video by spookyfbi8 titles "It is You (I Have Love). I thought it was a great video depicting TOS Kirk and Spock and the love they have for each other. While watching it I thought of an idea and I hope that someone will take me up on it because I think it would make for a wonderful story about the love that Kirk and Spock have for each other. I would like for the story to start with our TOS Kirk and Spock telling about how they fell in love and then to continue in to the re-boot Kirk and Spock and prove just how their love survives no matter time or universe they find themselves in. I think it would be an excellent way to just prove again how they belong to each other forever and always. It would be also a great idea as well to show their past relationships of both men and how that led them to each other. I do not mind you using all the characters in the story but even if you do not you must use Bones now what story would be complete without his guidance. I also love if when you get to the re-boot part that maybe Amanda will not have to die and some how TOS Kirk will show up sometime near the last part of the story.

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