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I'm from Northen Ireland, have been a Star Trek fan as long as I can remember.  Would love to go to the conventions, but don't understand why Abrahams had Spock & Uhura together, just not a good match. 

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Jim meets Spock at 15 but lies about his age saying he is nearly 17 falling for him hard.  He doesn't come from a loving home only Sam cared and he's away at college in San Francisco.  Spock is 17.  Spock believes he is sterlie having been told at 7 he was.  Jim gets pregnant and Spock dumps him believes he cheated on him.

Jim runs away or Sam saves Jim from a  beating and he goes to San Francisco.  Meets Bones who is recently widowed with a baby daughter.  Galia is his nanny. 

Jim has a baby girl.  Spock doesn't find out until he goes to the acadamy and gets a medical when they tell him he can father children.  He goes in search of Jim but meets a drunk Frank who says Jim is gone and good riddance. 

They don't meet up for a few year until the child is at leat 7, Jim having completed school and got his masters in engineering before going to Starfleet.  UHura is good here teaching the child Vulcan. 

Happy ending and some scenes from 1st movie to be used.

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