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Greetings!  I've posted online for other fandoms, but this one is my all-time favorite.  Obviously, I couldn't resist!  I hope my stories will be well-recieved and enjoyed.

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Challenges by Vulcan Pearl

Set in the Reboot verse.  Spock and Kirk have been dating for a while (how long is up to the writer) and feel ready to take things to the next level.  But Spock's a virgin and feels a little uneasy.  Kirk is not a virgin and wants very much to be with Spock but resolves to go along with whatever he wants.  Spock remembers that on New Vulcan there is another Spock who was in a relationship with another Kirk for many years.  So, he suggests that the older Spock would probably like all the same stuff that he would, and that Kirk should go learn from (have sex with) him the next time they visit New Vulcan.  Kirk is a little hurt, because he thinks they should be able to get through this together, but he wants to make Spock happy, and he knows from the meld on Delta Vega that it would mean a lot to the older Spock as well, so he agrees.  Spock (or Kirk) makes the arrangements with the older Spock, and the next time they stop by New Vulcan, Kirk goes off to meet Older Spock and his Spock stays on the ship or goes to visit his dad (again, writer's choice).  Kirk still feels a little upset about Spock needing to send him to someone else to feel reassured that Kirk won't accidently hurt him or something, but when he sees how much the older Spock wants to be with him, he lets go of his doubts and just tries to make him happy during their time together.  Meanwhile, Spock starts to realize just how much his fear has hurt Kirk and realizes he may have made a mistake sending him to his counterpart to learn what he likes and that they love and trust each other enough to figure things out on their own.  He rushes off to the other Spock's house to stop them and finds them both ready and about to have sex.  But then, instead of getting totally jealous or embarrased, he gets turned on and winds up being persuaded to join them.  In the end, Spock is more confident about sexual matters and doesn't worry about trying new things with Kirk.

Any and all foreplay that takes place is up to the writer.

Bonus Points if by 'join them' he ends up bottoming for Kirk while Kirk bottoms for the older Spock.

Super Bonus Points if Kirk prepares him following the older Spock's instructions on how he likes it (after all, that's why they arranged the whole thing).

Ultra Mega Bonus Points if, when it's over, they both realize that the older Spock, who's been so lonely without his Kirk, is sad to see them leave, so they both imply (or state blatantly) that they would be more than willing to arrange a similar meeting the next time they're in the area.

Happy Writing!

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