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Challenges by KingSirahk
Summary: Spock loses his memory. Remembers practically nothing of his life. He is immediately attracted to Kirk, who has been doing his best to keep his attraction to Spock a secret, so when Spock is coming on to him its a bit of a shock and does his best not to take advantage of the situation. Keep in mind: Spock will slowly regain control of himself as time passes and as his memory returns. But as he doesn't have his Vulcan control when he 'first' meets Kirk, he just falls in love (again) with Kirk since they are T'hy'la (but Spock of course at the time, doesn't know this, he just falls in love at first sight) This must be a happy story, you can add angst/drama/whatever to keep the story line going, but over all it must have a happy ending. This is can be what ever rating the author chooses and how long. Would prefer to be in Abrams Universe, madame and/or sir. Thank you, and have fun! :D
Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy