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Summary: Had a really cool but weird dream....thought it would make for a good story.

basically, picture The nu!star trek characters as actual superheroes. Yeah, sounds crackastic but in a strange way I think it could work.

I had this dream where they were like in this universe where:

Amanda had this healing and flying superpower,which is how she met Sarek who was being treated for his heart disease and stuff. He discovered that being with Amanda helped him last longer, and helped him be far more healthy. plus, like in all other universes he fell in love with her anyway. So they get married and then have Spock.

It turns out that Spock has telekinetic, flying and healing superpowers... similar to what his mom has but with extra mind-powers due to being a Vulcan. This makes him even more of an outcast amongst the Vulcan, as seeing they already distrusted/feared a race that had those abilities to start with... they imagined the worst of what a Half-breed like Spock would do with those powers.

and then back to spock's parents here. even a combination of the medicine and Amanda's amazing healing power could not delay's Sarek's eventual death. Spock's bullying got worse now that the kids and adults knew that his dad wasn't around to reliate should he catch wind of it. So Amanda decided to move back to earth with Spock while he was a teenage.

He enrolls into this school designed for aspiring superheroes and stuff, where he runs into people like Uhura, Sulu, Chevok, scotty and even Kirk.

Have fun with this if you can! I just would like to see if it would be possible to have a serious story where everyone's training to be superheroes or something instead of being a starship captain. :P

if you haven't the slightest idea what the crew's superpowers would be, here's some suggestions:

Uhura has the power of being able to instantly know the language of another person just by touching them, has some minor empathy skills too as well. She gets one of the suckiest yet somewhat useful superpower, haha. Her parents wanted her to hone on her empathy skills more, which is greatly hindered by the fact that she tends to be WAAAY judgmental of people, due to bad experiences with people. She has to realize this later on in the story though, and actually tries her best to try to mellow out a little more.

Chekhov's still a super genius here, has the ability to talk to animals, and has a great aptitude for building all kinds of machinery.

Sulu has the ability of matter manipulation, like turning paper into an actual steel sword for example. he also has the power to instantly learn how to operate machinery like a old pro just by feeling his around the said machine for the first time.

Scotty is like a techno-tekic...he can control machines, communicate with them, etc with his mind. He's friends with chekov and sulu because of their shared affinity with machines. He's considered a little bit of a oddball out of the entire group, because he relates to machines better than he does humans.

Jim Kirk has full-blown empathy, which he uses to his fullest advantage to try to get people to like him. he also has regeneration powers, which makes him a person that's really difficult to kill. (just think Clarie from heroes). This came in handy when it came to saving James Kirk on many occasions when Frank beat him bloody to the point of death. This also causes Jim to have very little fear of death, and as an result he takes dangerous, unnecessary risks which is a source of worry for his friends.

MyCoy has healing powers, but that's it. he's basically the most regular person out of the group, and feels weird attending a university designed for superheroes when all he wants to do is be a regular doctor. the only reason why he agreed to go is because he hasn't fully mastered his healing abilities.

If you also want to do a collaboration, I'm also game for it!! I would write this fanfiction myself, but... I have a VERY BAD habit of almost not fhinshing any of my fan-fictions, mainly because I have way too many projects going on. However with Collaborations I would be more likely to finish it?
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Summary: Basically what the title says. The two are put on trial because they are suspected of having a highly unprofessional relationship while they were student and teacher. I can see at least a dozen outcomes for this, starting with how the trial and the Media circling around the couple like vultures, could affect their relationship and everyone else around them. It can eventually turn into a Kirk/Spock pairing, or it can remain hetro. The relationship could be all in Nyota's head while she was in school with Spock simply only having seen her as a good friend. or the relationship could had been real.
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